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PopSugar Everything Must Have: February

I got my first PopSugar Everything Must Have box today, it’s the February box. It’s a monthly subscription box that costs $30 shipped per month. I’ve heard amazing things about it and was excited to get my first box today. I got a referral code making my first box $25! My apologies for the poor picture quality, my regular camera isn’t working 100%.

1. Brokedown Body Wrap
(pink-ish item in the background)
Meant to be a replacement for your bathrobe. It is super soft and was launched exclusively in the PopSugar box. I received mine in power pink. This is something I will use big time!
Sells For: $84

2. Hanky Panky’s
(not pictured)
Dark pink thong from Hanky Panky. Wasn’t my thing, but used it as a Valentine’s Day gift to my sister.
Sells For: $20

3. Mariebelle New York’s Tresor Box
(pink giftbox with the blue bow)
Dark chocolate pearls. At first I was little a bummed since I don’t like dark chocolate. I gave them a try and they are delicious! Perfect for a mini chocolate fix and I can’t wait to try them mixed into yogurt!
Sells For: $12

4. Revelon Just Bittin Kissable Balm Stain
(red tube in front of the pink box)
Full size and a great color, Romantic, but I don’t use lip stain. Good to put aside as a gift for a friend.
Sells For: $7.49

5. Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleaner
(Not pictured)
I was really excited to try this but mine exploded in the packaging. Luckily PopSugar packed it real well and none of it leaked into the rest of my box. I emailed them for a replacement.
Sells For: about $4 

6. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks paperback and code for a song download
(next to the candy)
I was pumped to see this in my box. I’ve been wanting to read the book before I see the movie, now I can! The song download is a nice plus too.
Sells For: $10 ($9 for the book, $1 for the song)

7. Conversation Hearts
(not pictured)
Since they contain gelatin they aren’t good for me since I’m a vegetarian. A cute little inclusion though!
Sells For; .75 cents

Total Value: $138.24

My thoughts: I wasn’t beyond ecstatic of the box, I’ve seen reviews for boxes that had more to them. I mostly got things I like but wouldn’t buy for myself, so it was a good deal. I’m going to sign up for at least one more box. I would have liked the box a lot better if the lip stain was maybe eye shadow and the thong was cutesy Valentines Day socks.

If anyone reading is interested in subscribing you can use the code “ReferFriends” (no quotes) to get $5 off when you use my refferal link - If two people sign up I get a free month. When my subscription runs out I would gladly use the referal link of someone who used my link!